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Open Deck Dollies

Move loads efficiently through warehouses, workshops, and other industrial facilities with open-deck dollies that allow airflow and maximum visibility. Various styles are available to meet specific needs, including adjustable, all-terrain, and shipping container dollies.

Solid Deck Dollies

Solid-deck dollies are durable material transportation solutions for garages, warehouses, and more. Dollies are made with durable materials and come in different styles for specific needs. Carpeted dollies add cushioning, while low-profile dollies are ideal for easy loading.

Drum Dollies

Transport industrial drums effortlessly with drum dollies. Dollies are available in various capacities, including for 30 and 55-gallon drums, and are made of materials like plastic or steel. Choose from styles like low-profile, double-drum, or spill containment drum dollies.

Shop By Function

Shop specialty dollies designed for material handling in specific or unique applications. Specialty dollies include features and capabilities that address particular challenges or tasks, from moving furniture and heavy machinery to pallets and trash cans.

Transport heavy furniture items easily when moving or rearranging spaces.

Handle and move heavy pallet loads safely around warehouses.

Specialized skates make it easy to maneuver and control heavy machinery.

Easily position or transport commercial vehicles.

Efficiently move wheels and tires around automotive or industrial spaces.

Safely transport and dispose of waste bins and trash cans.

Move several tables or chairs at once during event setups and more.

Enhance safety and precision when handling heavy truck brake drums.

Hand Trucks

Easily move heavy or bulky items in commercial or industrial work settings with versatile hand trucks. Appliance hand trucks can move heavy appliances, while drum hand trucks are designed to move industrial drums. General-purpose hand trucks can be used for a wide range of tasks.


Global Industrial's dollies are an essential tool for any warehouse or facility, providing an efficient and convenient way to transport heavy items. From machine skates and pallet dollies to drum dollies and furniture dollies, each product is designed with durability and strength in mind, ensuring that items are moved safely and securely. Our dollies are also equipped with features such as non-slip surfaces and locking brakes for added safety. Browse our selection today and find the perfect dolly to improve your workplace efficiency.