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Emergency & Recovery Preparedness

Ensure your equipment is in place for safe evacuations. Certified protective gear is important for first responders, as are tools necessary for clean-up measures. Global Industrial provides everything needed for workplaces, responders, employees, debris removal, and more in the event and in wake of emergency situations or disasters.

Power, Lighting, & Heating

Emergencies and disasters often result in a lack of power, so having the proper backup can literally be a lifesaver. Emergency lighting, portable heating, and more are essential to safety and success.

Facility Preparation

Don't get caught unaware! Be prepared for everything from structural damage to fire prevention with the right tools.

Personal Protection

Preparing employees with personal protective equipment, emergency supplies, and basic training in keeping themselves and workplaces safe is your best defense. Global Industrial provides everything from emergency disaster and first aid kits to supplies, protective gear, and more.

Emergency Communication

Maintaining contact is important to ensuring your employees are kept informed before, during, and after a disaster strikes. Global’s offering of two-way radios, safety signage and cordless radios are integral for most emergency situations.

Response & Cleanup

This full offering from Global covers anything else you need to clean up and restore the workspace, from wet/dry vacuums to spill containment.

Get Informed

Developing facility emergency preparedness programs can be a daunting task. Fortunately, many government/private agencies publish user friendly programs and articles that provide the necessary requirements and helpful guidance on how to develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan to keep you and your employees safe.

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