4 Ways Global Industrial Can Supply Health Providers with Support for Patients

Here are four ways we help medical teams support their patients:


1. Storage Solutions


Keep patient charts, insurance information, and other health records conveniently and securely located with our range of storage solutions. To start, make PPE easily accessible for physicians and nurses. Then, organize exam room essentials and temperature-sensitive items with streamlined storage options, like these:


Put it on Wheels


Medical carts make heavy lifting a thing of the past, whether your facility uses them for bedside supplies in the hospital,anesthesia supplies, crash carts, or linen service. When you need to maximize your space, use a compact rolling cart to store supplies such as tongue depressors, bandages, and syringes.


Lock it Up


Stainless steel cabinets keep pharmaceuticals and medical supplies securely behind lock and key. Choose from a range of wall-mounted options for safe storage in a lab, pharmacy, or office.



Organize Records


High-volume practices mean busy medical offices and juggling of patient charts. Sturdy steel medical record storage cabinets and X-ray cabinets accommodate a large volume of alphabetical files and can stack atop one another to maximize space.


Cool it Down


Whether you have an in-house lab, or need a place to store vaccines, medicines, or biological specimens, the proper cold storage can help preserve samples at the right temperature. Choose a small undercounter-mounted option for the lab or a large glass door fridge with 72 cubic feet of space.


2. Office Furnishings


Furnishings such as seating and desks add order and function to exam rooms, workstations, and waiting areas. To make your medical facility appear more welcoming, consider adding plants, artwork, and other cheerful décor.


Take a Seat


Add medical stools, with or without backrests, to exam rooms and nurses’ workstations.Choose from a variety of waiting room chair styles—from traditional to modern—for the comfort of waiting guests.


Make Exams Easy


Vinyl-upholstered exam tables make sanitizing before and after a patient seamless, while pull-out legs, a reclining back, and adjustable stirrups offer comfort for the patient. In-room gooseneck task lamps give a medical professional the right light to help diagnose and treat patients.


Let Patients Recharge


Ensure your hospital or outpatient surgery center has enough hospital beds, with fully electric options designed for adults and children. Overbed tables bring the comforts of home to a hospital setting.


Get Work Done


Wall desks outside a patient’s room allow doctors and nurses to efficiently chart a patient right in the hallway. Front office assistants, administrators, and insurance staff can benefit from pedestal-style desks that provide plenty of room for paperwork.


Make it Private


Divide your facility with privacy screens for patient consults, blood donations, and emergency room cubicles.


3. Protective Gear


Protect the frontline workers and patients at your medical facility by using medical-grade personal protective equipment and gear.


Put on PPE


Disposable procedural and surgical face masks, reusable N95s, and other well-made masks help reduce the transmission of potentially harmful airborne pathogens, particularly in close quarters and poorly ventilated areas.


Note: Please refer to FDA guidelines to determine the right PPE to suit your company’s needs.


Suit Up


Help provide head to toe protection during COVID-19 testing or medical procedures with lightweight isolation gowns. Use latex or nitrile gloves to protect hands while performing medical exams or handling lab specimens. Keep hair nets, beard covers, shoe covers, and arm protectors at the ready for patient interactions and procedures.


Cover Your Eyes


Durable polycarbonate, anti-fog safety glasses meet standards for optical protection, while full face shields offer an extra layer against infectious diseases.


4. Treatment Rooms


As a medical equipment supplier, Global Industrial provides top-of-the-line diagnostic tools, therapy equipment, and other must-have and nice-to-have treatment room accessories.


Dispose Safely


Get rid of used syringes and needles with a secure sharps container. For medical waste, choose from a variety of trash cans with step openings and swing-top lids.


Use Diagnostic Tools


To accurately diagnose a patient, outfit your exam rooms with all the essentials—otoscopes  and ophthalmoscopes, pen lights, neurological hammers, thermometers, stethoscopes, and blood pressure cuffs


Keep Accessories at Hand


Have procedural supplies ready to go by organizing them on instrument stands. Acquiring a sample to test for strep throat requires a tongue depressor and a long cotton-tip applicator. Wound dressings such as gauze and tape can help stanch a deep cut.


Take a Therapeutic Approach


As a medical equipment supplier, Global Industrial also offers products designed for therapeutic purposes. Whether your clients suffer from arthritic knees and chronic pain or sports injuries and backaches, each can benefit from therapy tools and corresponding exercises. Help alleviate discomfort by using hand weights, muscle rubs, exercise bands, and a range of soft-tissue therapy systems.


Help Your Team Support Patients


With more than 70 years in operation, Global Industrial helps healthcare providers serve patients by offering a wide range of medical tools, diagnostic supplies, office furnishings, and practical organizational options to make each clinic, practice, or hospital run smoothly.


Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the healthcare supply chain by offering access to some of the best medical brands in the industry and products designed by our own experts. Explore our healthcare solutions today to discover how your medical practice can continue to provide exceptional care for each of your patients.




The information contained in this article is for informational, educational, and promotional purposes only and is based on information available as of the initial date of publication. It is the reader’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, codes and regulations. If there is any question or doubt in regard to any element contained in this article, please consult a licensed professional.  Under no circumstances will Global Industrial be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on this article.


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