5 Behind-The-Scenes Online Business Ideas to Set You Up for Success

Many entrepreneurs leaped into the space with their own online business ideas designed to take advantage of this interest. And while most new owners allocate the majority of their time and funds to building their online presence and obtaining inventory, they often forget the physical setup they need for their online business ideas to thrive.

As you budget for your new venture, prioritize these behind-the-scenes categories that will allow you to fill orders quickly and easily—making your business more efficient.

Procure the proper storage and shelving solutions


Before outfitting your facility, consider how much inventory you’ll have on hand at any given time, as well as your available space to find the right storage and shelving units, such as wire shelves, cabinets, or pallet racks. Another factor is the weight of your items; heavy-duty shelving may be a better choice for heavy or otherwise cumbersome products.


If your stocked items are small and come in a wide variety of styles, like jewelry or even fishing supplies, you’ll want to choose a storage unit that features ample cubbies for various types of merchandise with handy labels so you know at a glance what each unit holds.


Don’t forget to visit our Ultimate Guide to Storage and Shelving Solutions to explore even more types of solutions.


Find furniture to create a comfortable working environment


No matter what your online business ideas are, you’re going to be spending significant amounts of time working at a computer—so it’s vital to select ergonomically-friendly furniture options for your desk and chair.


Think through the right workspace design according to your needs. For example, would you prefer a large surface that comfortably holds dual monitors with drawers to keep office supplies at the ready? Or just one small table if you’ll typically be on the go with a laptop? Don’t forget about partitions that can be used to divide tight quarters and give you and your employees more privacy.


Protect your stock by controlling your climate


Most new companies with online business ideas are launching on a tight budget, which means your stock area might be relatively rudimentary, possibly lacking adequate insulation to provide temperate conditions.


Protect your investment by bringing a blower fan and heater to keep you and your team comfortable as temperatures rise and fall. An air purifier might be another important purchase to keep you and your employees comfortable. And if you’re located in a region known for moisture, add a heavy-duty dehumidifier to prevent damage to your inventory. 


Offer employees peace of mind with protective equipment

When we think of personal protective equipment today, our first thought is probably about face coverings—which are still necessary if your team is working in relatively close quarters. But you’ll want to think beyond masks to a full suite of protective gear, which might include hard hats, work gloves, protective eyewear, hearing protection, and safety vests to aid in visibility. For employees who stand for long periods of time to fulfill orders, don’t overlook an anti-fatigue mat to reduce pain and improve productivity.


Safety extends beyond personal gear, of course; add in first aid materials, fire extinguishers, and any other essential safety equipment recommended for the size and type of your facility.


Keep in mind that protecting your employees isn’t just a good idea; it’s actually required by law! Always check federal and local guidelines to ensure your business is in compliance.


Get proper lighting and wiring


Another vital aspect of safety is proper lighting and the accompanying electrical infrastructure that keeps it in secure working order. Consider the right type of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for proper illumination, along with task lighting or lamps for specific areas. Have replacement bulbs on hand, too, so you’re prepared for burnouts, and consider sensors that can ensure sufficient lighting while offering savings on utility bills.


Outfit your space with appropriate power strips, surge protectors, and extension cords—especially if a lot of electronics, like computers and printers, are used. If you’re unsure what electrical load your facility can take, consult with an electrician who can determine what is safest.


Global Industrial can supply anything else your online business needs


Depending on the nature of your online business ideas, it’s likely that you’ll need specialized materials to better serve your internal team and customers. Browse categories such as tools, metalworking supplies, or food handling items to find everything you need to support the sale of your products.




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