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BloodSTOP® BS-iX15 IX Advanced Hemostatic Matrix 2" x 4", 12/per box

Model #: WBB2020321

MPN #: BS-iX15

BloodSTOP® BS-iX15 IX Advanced Hemostatic Matrix 2" x 4", 12/per box

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BloodSTOP® iX is a new generation hemostat matrix made from water soluble, oxidized - etherified regenerated cellulose. It is used by medical professionals and hospitals. It is a fully biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of fibers that contain natural plant components.It adheres to any wound and, upon contact with blood, initiates blood coagulation, stops bleeding fast, and forms a protective layer that creates an optimal environment for wound healing.Its water solubility allows for easy removal through rinsing without disruption of the clotted wound surface. BloodSTOP® iX exerts its pro-coagulant activity by activating the intrinsic coagulation pathway, accelerating clot formation.It is used in internal surgery in countries that recognize the European Union Class III CE certification. Its EU class IIb CE certification for surface wound hemostasis also includes the treatment of patients on anticoagulant medications. In the US, BloodSTOP® iX has currently FDA 510K market clearance for surface wound hemostasis.


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