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Decoupler Pulley Grooved, Dayco 892005

Model #: WBB2815517

MPN #: 892005

Decoupler Pulley Grooved, Dayco 892005

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Decoupler Pulley Grooved

Dayco OADs (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulleys) have one-way clutching capability which allows the OAD to isolate and dampen the drive from the alternator upon deceleration. Dayco OADs reduce belt slippage during rapid acceleration or deceleration, reduce stress on the drive belt and other accessories and reduce belt noise, all while increasing alternator and belt drive life as well as improving the variation of drive belt tension. Dayco OADs are application-specific replacement parts. If a vehicle requires an OAD the same type of pulley must be installed. Proper tools must be used to remove and install OADs.
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