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Truflex FHP Low Horse-Power V-Belt - Gates 0140

Model #: WBB2440696

MPN #: 0140

Truflex FHP Low Horse-Power V-Belt - Gates 0140

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Truflex FHP Low Horse-Power V-Belt

Gates Truflex V-Belts are recommended for lower horse-power lawn and garden equipment, heating and home air conditioning drives, light-duty appliances, shop and miscellaneous fractional horsepower applications.

  • Oil and heat resistant.
  • Resists ozone, weather and many chemicals and detergents.
  • Universal construction features cord placement and cover that provide smooth, quiet operation with reduced vibration.
  • Concave sides fill out to make even contact with the sides of the sheave grooves to distribute wear uniformly.

NOTE: Do not use on applications where FHP Medium Horse-Power V-Belts are recommended.

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