Is Your Lab Ready to Ramp Up Operations? Here Are 6 Ways We Can Help

Being able to work nimbly and effectively is critical to laboratory investigation. The lab is a resource that should help research teams get ahead—not hold them back due to a lack of features and functionality.


Whether you’re expanding your research team’s footprint or simply looking to maximize your existing lab space, Global Industrial is here to help you select, access, and implement the right tools and storage to ensure long-term efficiencies in your laboratory.


Here are six areas of the lab that our product experts can help you optimize.


1. Accessible Shelving and Storage


Ample and accessible storage is a key feature of a functional laboratory, and there are a variety of options to suit small to large spaces:


  • Ensure laboratory supplies are organized and easy to find by stocking them in storage cabinets with clear glass or steel doors, as well as heavy-duty steel shelving, depending on the capacity and level of visibility needed.




2. Multipurpose Work Surfaces


Durable yet functional places for lab technicians to work are also important. Explore an array of solid and impervious work surfaces, from workbenches to desks:


  • Equip your lab with workbenches that will suit a variety of purposes and configurations with our wide selection of size, height, construction, and base options. Many of our workbenches offer adjustable heights so you can configure them for sitting or standing.



  • Choose from a range of industrial-style desks that provide space for writing up lab reports or examining data from your lab’s latest experiments or trials.


3. Cold Storage


Be ready to store temperature-sensitive specimens and samples by selecting among a wide array of versatile options:





4. Laboratory Ovens and Incubators


High quality and well-calibrated ovens and incubators are critical tools for researchers needing to explore and change the properties of the materials and other samples they’re working with.


  • Address a variety of heating, drying, and curing needs with a laboratory oven. A precision oven offers additional temperature uniformity, stability, and air exchange.



  • Use incubators to keep samples in a stable and contaminant-free environment, such as for growing cell and tissue cultures.


5. Supplies and Tools


Stocking the wrong type of laboratory supplies—or not having enough of the right ones—can cause delays in your team’s work. Make sure they are well-equipped to avoid such disruptions:


  • From beakers and bottles to funnels and flasks, ensure your researchers have the glassware and plasticware required to meet their needs.


  • Wash bottles with clear labeling and a safety valve can help prevent hazardous spills and dangerous errors.


  • Microscopes give your team the proper level of visibility into their work, with stereo, compound, and digital options, as well as specialized versions available.


6. Safety Gear


It’s not just frontline medical workers who need personal protective equipment. So do lab technicians who are handling chemicals or biological specimens. Choose from a wide selection of PPE to keep your researchers safe while doing their work:


  • Keep disposable and reusable N95 face masks on hand to prevent lab workers from inhaling harmful vapors, gases, fumes, and particulates. 


  • Nitrile gloves guard technicians’ skin from chemical damage, while thermal gloves safeguard hands against intense heat or cold.  



Global Industrial is a medical and lab equip supplier you can count on to offer critical supply and storage solutions support to laboratories around the world. We are a one-stop resource for all your laboratory supply storage needs. Explore our full range of lab solutions and contact our product experts to make sure your lab is ready for whatever research needs the future brings.




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