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Model #: WBB2201314

MPN #: 90-300

Grime Buster™ Condenser Coil Cleaner - Dirt And Grease Stripper 20 Oz.

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Dirt & Grease Stripper, Condenser Coil Cleaner

ComStar's Grime Buster is a heavy-duty, non-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) dirt and grease stripper. It evaporates grease, wax, oil, dirt and grime with its powerful spray. Grime Buster is specially designed to clean hard to reach places with a high-pressure wash. Grime Buster cleans condenser coils, air conditioners, electrical contacts and mechanical equipment in seconds.

Grime Buster is perfect to clean out line sets before doing a R410a conversion of a R22 system. Stick Grime Buster's unique nozzle into the copper line set from the condenser side and spray half a can. The Grime Buster liquid and residue oils will come out at the evaporator end of the line set. Any liquids left inside the line set will evaporate. Grime Buster's fast acting, fast drying formula leaves behind a pleasant lemon scent.

  • Grime Buster is a heavy-duty dirt and grease stripper
  • Grime Buster is self-rinsing
  • Grime Buster dries fast
  • Grime Buster's unique nozzle is a must have for hard-to-reach places
  • Grime Buster contains no CFCs
  • Grime Buster is a line set cleaner
  • Grime Buster leaves behind a pleasant lemon scent

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