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The Global Industrial Guide for What's Next.

Restore • Return • Rebound

Schools around North America are adapting new practices to reinforce health and safety measures for all students and faculty - in addition to incorporating social distancing for both classrooms and lunchrooms.

Global industrial has taken a close look at cost efficient solutions to help provide a better and healthier environment for your school. From bus stop to last bell, these Restore, Return, and Rebound guidelines will provide you with what you need to re-open a closed school or a dormant dorm room, and a step by step process for maintaining a safe and germ-free environment.

From bus stop to last bell,
we’re working on ways to get you back to class

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Best Practices

Janitorial Best Practices

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Room By Room

Your rebound strategy includes restoring, cleaning, and sanitizing every work area in your facility. We created a checklist for each work area – including breakrooms, bathrooms, onsite gyms, conference rooms and more – complete with the equipment and supplies you'll need.

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Outdoor/Playground Learn More
Drop Off/Pick-up Areas Learn More
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Classroom/Lab/Library Learn More
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