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Lunch/Cafeteria Checklist

  • Portable Sinks and Hand Washing Stations
  • Indoor Steel Garbage Cans
  • Single Station Microwave/Prep Carts
  • Touch-Free Soap Dispensers
  • Automatic Towel Dispensers
  • Antimicrobal Folding Tables
  • Sealed Plastic Storage Bags
  • Disposable Utensils
  • Tray Delivery Carts

Lunchrooms and Cafeterias

Lunchrooms and cafeterias are usually loud and crowded areas but can still remain safe with the right transformative steps. Invest in portable or single-station appliances, as well as touch-free soap and paper towel dispensers and microbial tables to maintain cleanliness wherever possible.

  • Reduce lunchroom table occupancy to smaller numbers and locate tables closer to exits for easy and convenient crowd control
  • Portable sinks and hand washing stations provide quick access to sanitation needs
  • Antimicrobial tables help reduce bacteria buildup and the surfaces clean up easily
  • Consider leaving doors with handles or knobs wide open with securable stoppers to reduce contact
  • Disposable utensils and gloves help reduce exchange of germs

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Helpful Hints


Single-station microwave and prep carts keep people and appliances apart. Setting up antimicrobial tables significantly decreases bacteria spread.

Food Delivery

Sealing food in secure plastic storage bags and using disposable utensils will further increase safety for workers. Invest in steel indoor garbage cans to securely contain waste safely.

Sanitizing Stations & Supplies

Touchless soap and paper towel dispensers increase individual hygiene. Prominently placed portable sinks and hand washing stations provide convenient use for all patrons.

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