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Main Office and Common Areas Checklist

  • Cleanroom Mats
  • Crowd Control Stanchions
  • Antimicrobial Reception Seating
  • Hands-Free Garbage Cans
  • Mobile Whiteboards
  • Wall and Plexiglass Partitions
  • Antimicrobial Furniture
  • Facial Recognition Attendance Clock
  • Cleaning Supplies

Main Office and Common Areas

Common areas such as the main office, lobby, breakrooms, teacher lounges, and more need to clearly reflect social distancing requirements as well as hygiene and occupancy limit reminders.

  • Ensure disposable items are easily discarded in hands-free garbage cans to maintain hygiene
  • Use logging or sign-up sheets for one-way entry rooms to keep these areas in low volume and manage in/out traffic flow
  • The facial recognition attendance clock can capture employee data in real time without being touched by multiple users

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Helpful Hints

Setting Group Limitations

Limiting occupancy with control stanchions, clear floor markings, and partitions to help ensure proper traffic flow and distancing protocols.

Dividers & Separation

Wall and plexiglass partitions and mobile whiteboards can be used for creating safe, isolated common areas for students and staff.

Antimicrobial Furniture

Surface areas of antimicrobial reception tables and seating help reduce bacteria buildup and are simple to wipe down after use.

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