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Customer Success


Hailey Haddox

Raised near Disneyland, Hailey was introduced to imaginary worlds and fairy tales from an early age. Captivated by the larger-than-life characters, Hailey was drawn to the figures and fantasy that shaped her youth. As she grew older, her own imagination and creativity blossomed.

Small Business. Big Inspiration.

My business had grown to the point where I was out of space for my inventory. In fact, there was a time when I was literally working on the floor.- Hailey Haddox

Hailey leveraged the power of social media, especially Instagram, to grow her small business and build a loyal fan base of followers. Business was brisk and she raced to fill orders out of her home, which also served as her office and creative studio. She couldn't get more space, but she could use the space she had more efficiently. She ordered a Global Industrial® shipping desk that improved her order fulfillment efficiency, helped her get organized and, most importantly, off the floor from where she'd been packing orders from. She's subsequently added Nexel® by Global Industrial® storage cabinets to hold and organize her shipping and creating supplies.

Johnny Brooke

Johnny Brooke started Crafted Workshop, a YouTube channel and website focused on woodworking, home improvement, and building, in May of 2016. Since then, the Crafted Workshop YouTube channel has grown to almost 1 million subscribers and published hundreds of videos along the way.

Renovating My 50 Year Old Workshop.

This pallet jack was already paying for itself in the time it saved me...I got all three pallets moved into the spray booth in a matter of minutes.- Johnny Brooke

After outgrowing his previous workshop and production space, Johnny upgraded to a larger 4000 square foot shop that would allow him to take on larger projects and improve his production quality. While outfitting his space, he found Global Industrial® and acquired an industrial-strength dehumidifier. Since that initial purchase he's returned again and again for more equipment that he needed to get his work done better, safer, and more efficiently. Items like a pallet jack truck, pallet rack, utility cart, and scissor lift table give him the capability to move and work with large and heavy items without difficulty. His new flammable cabinet ensures volatile chemicals are stored safely, and tilt fan blower improves air flow.

Richard Childress Racing

Rev Up Your Facility With RCR.

Welcome, North Carolina, is the home of Richard Childress Racing. The cars that are built and prepared inside this building are faster than a commercial airliner at the moment of take-off and twice as fast as the fastest pitch ever recorded in major league baseball history. This is where elite racing machines are forged, repaired, and rebuilt – again and again – so that for each race, it is like the car is seeing the track for the first time. Along with the standard tools and lifts, this shop features cabinets, shelving, push brooms, dustpans, and a dust collector in the corner. Diagnostic equipment you'd expect to find at NASA, complete with analytics monitors running read-outs on everything from fuel efficiency, weight-ratios, tire performance, and everything in between. It's in this shop that the #21 Chevrolet car, with sponsorship from Global Industrial®, is made ready for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season with driver, Austin Hill, at the wheel.

Inspiration Guides

You Provide the Floors. We've Got the Solutions.

Whether you're just getting started or looking for a specific product, Global Industrial can help. In this guide, we'll explain how to care for different types of floors, and the equipment used to keep them in top shape.

Upgrading Your Space Is Easier With a Guide. We Can Supply That.

If the choices seem exhausting, look to Global Industrial for help. In this guide, we'll break down the basics of office furniture systems, and how to make them work for your space.

Need to Get It From Here to There?

Using the wrong equipment to move products in, out, and around your facility costs you time, and that time adds up quickly. Look to Global Industrial to help.

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We're the one-stop shop for industrial furnishing and seating - indoors and out. Receive comfort, convenience, and support meeting the expectations you're looking for.

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Browse an ever-expanding list of quality products that deliver superior results for for office buildings, warehouses, floors, surfaces and more.

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Whether it's the lightest or heaviest load, we have products that help transport them with ease.

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Protect workers, guests, and visitors with solutions from well-known and trusted brands. Whether it's personnel or property, we have products that provide protection for both.

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The convenience of everything you need to store, contain, and shelf away is all right here. We can supply that.

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Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to permeate our daily lives by 2025.This could have huge implications on several business sectors, most notably health care, customer service, and logistics.

As summer approaches, we are beginning to feel a sense of normalcy as the country continues to open back up.