The Ultimate Buying Guide for Office Furniture

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Although furnishing your office may not rank as a top priority for your business, having the right seating, storage, and décor is important for creating a functional and comfortable environment for employees and visitors.


Global Industrial can help. Read on to learn what factors our product experts recommend when searching for the optimal furniture and storage products for your office.


Make a good first impression.


Whether it’s a client, prospect, or potential employee entering your doors, the reception area is often a visitor’s first in-person interaction with your organization. Follow these tips to start the relationship off right.


Make the furniture count. Reception desks are a key greeting and wayfinding point for people entering your facility. A waiting area with ample and welcoming seating, flanked by end tables, underscores comfort and convenience.


Spruce up your space. Adding artificial plants, warm lighting, and wall décor puts visitors at ease and conveys your company’s values. Display company literature and trade publications to acquaint them with your products and services. A coat rack and umbrella holder let guests shed bulky outerwear and wet accessories to move more easily about the office.


Control temperature. Visitors will welcome escaping from hot or cold external temperatures with a cooling fan or warming space heater. These additions allow you to provide comfort no matter the weather while controlling your energy bills.


Prioritize sanitation. Don’t forget to offer hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to emphasize your commitment to health and safety. Frequently wipe down high-touch areas, such as knobs, buttons, and door handles, as well as the drawer pulls and surfaces of office furniture.


Get to work


Whether you’re breaking new ground or rethinking your current space to accommodate extra team members, the right office furniture will help your employees be more efficient.


Chairs and seating


A variety of seating choices provides the opportunity to meet a wide range of needs, including:



  • Stools for activities such as seeing patients or filling out logs.


  • Folding and stackable chairs that can be conveniently pulled out for temporary use and stored out of the way.



Also consider how the chair covering or material suits your environment:



  • Plastic and polyurethane task chairs offer durability in high-traffic or multi-purpose areas.



Desks and tables


A large, flat surface is ideal for all types of work, from handling administrative tasks to doing blueprint takeoffs to filling orders. Here are a few factors to help you find the best desk for the job:


  • Pedestal and freestanding office desks can be configured based on your team’s needs.



  • Training tables can be fitted with power outlets and cable management for convenient use of laptops while reducing trip hazards because cords are contained. Flip-top options enable easy storage.


  • Utility tables offer extra storage and staging space for office supplies and equipment.


  • Folding tables can be stashed and stored out of the way until your team needs the extra surface area, such as for a team appreciation lunch or collaborative work.




Many offices are moving away from the open-plan concept, as employers realize the productivity benefits of privacy for desk-based employees. An alternative to private offices or cubicles for spaces that need flexibility is to add partitions between desks to reduce noise, delineate workspaces, and afford a measure of privacy.




Before choosing storage, assess your space configurations and accessibility needs to make sure you’re selecting the assortment that will allow your team to be most efficient. There are two main types to consider:



  • Open: open shelving and bookcases in a range of heights and widths allows you to have logs, manuals, reference books, and even supplies handy, without the extra step of searching through a drawer or tracking down a key. They also create a space to display awards, samples, photos, and other objects that help tell your company story.


Create a collaborative environment.


While designated workspaces are important, your team also needs areas to come together and share ideas or even just socialize to reinforce a positive office environment. Add amenities that make the space more productive.


  • Whiteboards allow groups to brainstorm new ideas and think through solutions. They also can be used to schedule out complex projects or keep teams updated on progress.


  • Bulletin boards offer a place to share updates, thank colleagues, celebrate milestones, and even post a funny cartoon or inspirational thought for the day.


  • Lecterns give meeting presenters a place for notes and technology.



Make your office more functional with Global Industrial


Choosing office furniture can seem like a big job, but if you consider your options thoughtfully, it will last for years to come, taking one recurring task off your list.


Explore all the office furniture options available through Global Industrial, and connect with our product experts to learn more about which office desks, chairs, and other necessities are best for your business’s needs.




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