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Design Your Breakroom / Cafeteria

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Everyone needs a nice clean space to sit, relax, have a bite to eat, and chat about the latest sensational streaming series. Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions has you covered. We can help you build a complete breakroom for employees or a cafeteria for guests & visitors.


Waste management is essential for a clean and sanitary breakroom. Enclosures with tray racks help keep things organized for easier cleanup.


Tables of all sizes allow you to customize your space. From bistro dining for two or three to long cafeteria-style seating, there’s a table for you.


Chairs provide the comfort required, whether you’re visiting a patient or resident, or just resting during a long shift on your feet.


Design features like stackable chairs or garbage cans on wheels add convenience for floor cleaning and sanitizing.


Napkin dispensers are indispensable for a breakroom or cafeteria. The model shown is designed to reduce use and provide a customizable display for ads or communication.


Having convenient and plentiful water and ice ensures everyone stays refreshed and properly hydrated.


Coffee stations provide a much needed boost of energy. A double dispenser model gives you the option of flavors or regular and decaf.


Keeping an assortment of condiments available ensures everyone stays happy and satisfied.


Refrigerators keep temperature-sensitive food safe for long periods.


A large and easy-to-read clock keeps your facility running on-time and on-schedule.

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