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Design Your Exam / Patient Room

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Providing a comfortable environment for patients to recover in and to receive visitors is important to physical and emotional health. Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions™ can equip exam and patient rooms to make them clean, safe, and comfortable for everyone.


Caregiver, doctor, nurse, and patient safety must be at the forefront of care & treatment, so make sure a secure and dedicated sharps container is close to hand.


Medical carts keep essential and critical medication and instruments right here they’re needed, and with a lockable model, everything stays safe and secure.


Place sanitizer dispensers at the door for fast visits and place soap dispensers next to sinks for use before and after examinations.


Keep a full supply of disposable gloves close to sinks and sanitizers for everyone’s safety and protection. Models that hold multiple boxes allow you to provide different sizes as needed.


A simple rolling stool allows doctors and nurses to wheel around an exam room quickly and easily while providing the proper positioning as needed.


Being able to move on their own is essential to feeling better and independent, and Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions has an assortment of walkers.


Hang IV and other meds from a simple IV stand. Models with wheels allows patients to take their medication with them on the move.


When it’s time to eat and keep up their strength, an overbed table makes it easy with significantly less mess. Wheels and a easy-to-clean top add convenience for everyone.


Providing an antimicrobial-treated couch in a patient room not only gives them an alternative place to sit during recovery it also lets visitors be comfortable.


A magnetic whiteboard allows proper communication throughout the day from one shift staff to the next. Keep track of duty nurses, medication administration, patient history, and more.

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