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The often-unsung hero of many healthcare facilities and offices are the janitorial and maintenance staff. Responsible for keeping everything neat, clean, and sanitized, a properly and fully-stocked maintenance closet is essential to the continued health and safety of your facility, your staff, and your patients or residents.


Fast treatment and intervention in an emergency can make all the difference. Having a compact defibrillator/AED close at hand can, literally, be a life saver.


Hand sanitizer dispensers keep your staff and visitors safe, and properly placed soap dispensers ensure proper cleanliness after dirty jobs or cleaning chemical use.


A large-capacity floor scrubber makes quick work of hallways, cafeterias, and other large areas.


Make sure a supply of multi-lingual Caution signs are handy to help mitigate slips and falls and other accidents.


Utilizing a portable blower fan helps to reduce dry-times after floors have been mopped and cleaned.


Moving dirty linens needs to be fast and as inconspicuous as possible. Bulk vinyl basket trucks get the job done plus they are easy to clean and sanitize.


Having plenty of cleaning chemicals on-hand, like floor cleaner/deodorizer and disinfectants, make sure your facility is always clean and sanitized.


Keep a full supply of disposable gloves close to sinks and sanitizers for everyone’s safety and protection. Models that hold multiple boxes allow you to provide different sizes as needed.


Magnetic glass whiteboards allow communication throughout the day from one shift staff to the next. Keep track of duty nurses, medication administration, patient location, and more.


Cleaning carts are essential to proper facility maintenance and with a high-security cart, you can ensure dangerous chemicals stay locked up and out of reach.

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