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The science of medicine is often conducted in the laboratory, and that comes many hazards and dangers that need to be addressed in order to keep technicians and doctors safe and delicate experiments or tests uncontaminated. Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions ™ can equip your lab space with what you need to keep your people at the top of their game.


Comfort is essential to any workspace. Giving your staff comfortable, height-appropriate seating is a start.


Also providing them with anti-fatigue mats gives them the option to stand without discomfort.


Having a durable stainless steel-topped workbench is easy to clean and keep sterile and sanitized.


Working with chemicals and biological specimens carry inherent dangers. Having an emergency eye wash station, or even a shower, can make a critical difference if an accident occurs.


A key part of any clean environment is access to trash cans. There’s no such thing as too many.


And having the right waste receptacle is more important still. A clearly-marked biowaste bin, strategically-placed, ensures that hazardous waste gets disposed of properly.


Some chemicals, medicine, vaccines, and specimens need to stay in temperature-controlled environments. Keep a cooler, refrigerator, and/or freezers at workstations.


Depending on the lab and the experiments conducted there, you may need to utilize a special cabinet to safely store flammables. They may also be required by law.


Place sanitizer dispensers at the door for fast visits and place soap dispensers next to sinks for use before and after examinations.


Keep a full supply of disposable gloves close to sinks and sanitizers for everyone’s safety and protection. Models that hold multiple boxes allow you to provide different sizes as needed.

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