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A neat, clean, and organized supply room is the backbone that keeps your practice or facility running right and your staff efficient. Finding what you need quickly ensures better patient treatment and less wasted time hunting for something you know you have plenty of. Having a place for everything and having it properly labeled, also helps when it’s time for supply orders to help limit overspending or spending on items you don’t actually need. Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions® helps you stay on-budget and helps prevent a supply shortage from becoming an emergency.


The healthcare industry generates a lot of paperwork that needs to be properly cataloged and stored. Cardboard storage boxes with lids are an economical solution.


Hand trucks help move large and bulky items around safely. A cylinder hand truck ensures oxygen and other tanks are moved even more safely.


When you need to move bulky and unwieldy items like linens, a large-capacity tilt truck makes easy work of it while being simple to clean when needed.


Cabinets are great for storing and organizing, but to save time searching for what you need, utilize cabinets that have see-through windows, so you can take stock with a glance.


Storage containers help you move items around your facility or store them for extended periods. To maximize space, get ones that are stackable when they are both full or empty.


For large or bulk items, a simple adjustable wire shelf is an ideal solution. The open design allows for maximum air flow, prevents dust from settling, and is lightweight.


Plastic shelf bins keep small items neatly organized, and they stack when empty to get them out of the way when you don’t need them. Get different colors for more organization possibilities.


There’s no such thing as too many waste cans. If you need to move them around your facility or find that they get heavy, use models with a rolling dolly. A lid keeps odors down and trash in.


When space is at a premium, picking up some hanging bins provides storage without the bulk of shelves or cabinets.


Rolls of kraft paper can be used for dunnage when packing boxes, wrapping when you need to ship items out, plus many more applications.

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