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Design Your Visitor Area / Waiting Room

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Your entrance and front office sets the tone for your patient and visitor’s experience at your facility. What do you want your first impression to be? We’re sure you want it to be positive and make everyone feel safe, welcome, and at ease. Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions™ has everything you need to make your entry and front office clean and comfortable for patients, visitors, and employees.


A simple and comfortable waiting room furnished with plush chairs finished with antimicrobial cushions sets the tone.


Accentuate your space with a coffee table that provides a place to rest beverages, artwork, and bags.


Hand sanitizer dispensers keep your employees and visitors safe.


Utilizing a floor-stand for the sanitizer dispensers lets you place it exactly where you need to with the ability to move it as requirements change.


Neatly-organized reading materials helps keep patients and visitors distracted and entertained.


Feedback is important to any business and the addition of a suggestion box provides a simple way to help others voice their opinion to help you improve your practice.


Drop boxes outside patient and exam rooms hold files and other information safe and secure. They can also be used for outgoing or incoming mail.


Provide cool and filtered water for everyone with a combination water fountain and bottle filling station.


Mobile laptop workstations allow you to capture critical patient information easily and with a professional appearance and reduced chance of it falling.


Janitorial carts keep all your essential cleaning and sanitation chemicals and tools in one, mobile workstation.

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